ResMed Airfit F30 Mask Dubai UAE

Manage Mask Leak

  1. Leak often occurs when your mask’s seal is compromised by movement, incorrect fitting or improper sizing.

  2. To find the source of the leak, run your finger along the top and bottom edges of the UltraCompact cushion to feel if any air is escaping. There is an intentional vent on the front of the cushion where air will flow through. This is normal. 

  3. Adjust the mask cushion by gently pulling it away from your face and letting it reseal itself.

  4. Adjust the top, upper and/or lower headgear straps as needed to achieve a more secure seal. Avoid overtightening the headgear straps – adjust them just enough fix the mask leak.

  5. Check to ensure the mask frame is secure and that the QuietAir elbow and air tubing are not pulling on your mask.

  6. If the mask leak continues, contact your equipment provider.

Choosing the right mask cushion

  1. To determine your cushion size (small or medium), print the AirFit F30 full face mask fitting template to size and trim it from the paper. 

  2. Standing in front of a mirror, hold the template horizontally in front of your face and place it under your nose. Make sure it’s directly under the nostrils rather than on the top of the nose. 

  3. Select the matching UltraCompact cushion size (small or medium) based on where the outer edge of your nostrils contacts the template. Cushion size is based on the width of your nose (rather than its length). 

  4. If the width of your nose breaches the template margins, size up to a medium

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