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What is CPAP Machine - Dubai | UAE


CPAP stands for “Continuous Positive Airway Pressure” and is most commonly used while sleep as a safe and effective treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) also known as stop breathing while sleeping & snoring.

The CPAP pump blows air pressure which then goes through the tube & the mask into the throat. CPAP helps treat sleep apnea by maintaining this flow of pressurized air. The pressure of the air keeps the throat open while you asleep, helping prevent or to reduce apneas from happening.

The CPAP machine is used by patients who have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep disorder or sleep apnea. CPAP  is necessary to ensure that the individual’s airway remains unobstructed and able to transmit oxygen to the lungs.


the machine help to treat OSA, such as stop breath while sleeping, loud snoring, sleepiness, lack of energy during the day, or waking up with a very sore throat, you may To find out whether you’re in need of treatment. 

you may go under sleep study test. Sleep studies can be done in the patient's home or at a sleep lab. Either way, you will need to give your patient a referral or prescription for them to pass on to the sleep study provider. During a sleep study, your patient's breathing, body movements and responses during the night are monitored to see if he or she has a sleep disorder such as sleep apnoea.

We provide a comprehensive diagnostic and treatment machines and  service for the full range of Sleep Disorders  and Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders such as Snoring, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA)Insomnia, Narcolepsy and associated Neuro-Psychiatric and Medical and Dental conditions. also information and details about Polysomnography (sleep study test)

There are 2 types of CPAP machine:

1) CPAP Machine (Fixed Pressure CPAP)

2) Automatic CPAP Machine also called (APAP) Automatic Positive Air Pressure 

For treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), both CPAP and Automatic CPAP are very effective but which is better?

first you have to understand the different

CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) emits a continuous stream of pressurized room air into a patient’s mask, which mechanically splints open the airway, to eliminate obstructive apneas during sleep.

The precise CPAP pressure amount is usually determined during an overnight titration sleep study which occurs in a sleep lab or sleep study. As the patient sleeps, the sleep technician or the doctor will monitor the patient & increase the air pressure throughout the night until the pressure is reached that eliminates all breathing events and/or snoring. This will be the ideal pressure, and the patient’s CPAP device at home will be calibrated with this pressure. The ideal air pressure is the amount of air pressure that is takes to eliminate all apneas, hypopneas, flow limitations and snoring.

Automatc CPAP (APAP)  is similar to a CPAP machine in that it also emits pressurized room air into the patient’s airway, but unlike CPAP that only provides one fixed pressure, Auto CPAP has the added feature of providing a range of air pressure  (Variable pressure) to meet the patient’s particular changing breathing needs while sleeping.


Automatic CPAP  is designed with a low pressure setting and also a high pressure setting. This range of air pressure in the Automatic CPAP allows it to vibrate automatically to the patient’s breathing needs. please check the below diagram

The below image indicates the black line of both a CPAP and APAP. In comparing the CPAP & APAP output pressure , notice CPAP air pressure is constant but APAP pressure rises and falls while sleeping.

CPAP vs APAP - Dubai UAE


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