ResMed Airfit N30i Mask Dubai UAE


  1. Bring the mask above your head and then down over your face while ensuring the elbow is centred on the top of your head. 

  2. Place the headgear behind your head and the cushion under your nose. 

  3. Adjust the headgear until the mask and cushion are comfortable. 

  4. Disconnect the elbow from the top of the frame and attach it to the air tubing. 

  5. Reconnect the elbow with the air tubing to the top of the frame. 

Sizing Frame

  1. If you are male, start with the standard frame size. If you are female, start with the small frame size. 

  2. If you try the standard size first, and the frame sits too close to your ears, size down to the small frame for a better fit. 

  3. If the frame is too large, try the small size frame for a better fit. 

  4. If you try the small frame first and the frame sits too close to your eyes, size up to the standard frame for a better fit. 

  5. If the frame is too small, try the standard size frame for a more comfortable fit.

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AirFit N30i Mask (Discover the Soft Pads under the nose and air hose on the head)
AirFit N30i Nasal Mask (Assembly)
AirFit N30i Nasal Mask (Disassembly instructions)
AirFit N30i Mask (Daily cleaning)
AirFit N30i Mask ( Weekly cleaning)
AirFit N30i Nasal Mask: (Air Leak Management)

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